Briquetting and pelleting

Complete installations for briquetting and pelleting of various types of materials of small, medium and large capacity.

We have all the equipment needed for cutting, drying, transport, briquetting / pelletizing and packaging of various materials.

Chipped wood / sawdust, husks, straw, hay, paper, tobacco, textile dust, polystyrene / styrofoam,
various metal and agricultural residues, a variety of plants for animal feed – are just some of the materials
that can be briquetted / pelletized to reduce their volume and allow for easier manipulation – transport and storage.

In collaboration with our clients we complete the design and sizing of equipment,
to allow for a more efficient process in terms of energy consumption, frequency and cost
of maintenance, and the quality of output.

We work with leading equipment manufacturers, with years of experience
in the field of preparation of materials, and the briquetting and pelleting.

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