Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment

Panon Agro as the exclusive partner of the world-famous company Nijhuis Water
Technology BV from the Netherlands, is offering complete solutions for processing and
waste water treatment in several phases for industry, agriculture, farming and
municipal systems.

Nijhuis Water Technology has 80 years of experience in processing
wastewater and exploiting the potential of various wastes.
In the last 30 years NWT actively produces their own devices and systems to extract
waste and dry solids from liquids – mechanical, biological and gravitational, and
complete facilities designed to “Turnkey” level, with the high-end consultation, design
and maintenance service.

2400 references in over 50 countries around the world prove exceptional engagement
in the field of purification of waste water and potable water, industrial sludge,
agricultural / farming waste, and ensure a high level of experience and expertise in the
related segments.

Our experts will be happy to advise the most suitable process and thus the necessary
equipment in order to ensure the high efficiency of the system
with low economic and environmental impact, keeping in mind the ease of use and
cost of routine maintenance, inspection and servicing.

The primary treatment of waste water is using a mechanical filters, presses,
flotation and / or flocculation systems to remove all solids, dry matter and fat in the
most efficient manner.

Secondary treatment ensures the quality of water at the outlet to use
for the purposes of irrigation of agricultural land and release into rivers and canals
under applicable local regulations, and is based
on further purification using bacteria in aerobic and anaerobic systems.

Tertiary treatment improves the quality of water to a high level,
allowing satisfaction of the most stringent criteria for discharge into the environment
and reuse in the various production processes in the industry,
is based on microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, and activated charcoal

Sludge treatment is carried out using the chamber and belt presses, decanters and
centrifugal devices to ensure maximum use of the substance in the process.

For each stage of treatment, the optimum configuration of equipment is chosen
to achieve the lower production of waste, lower maintenance costs and utilization in
terms of the required amount of electricity, chemicals and other inputs.

In addition to the treatment of waste water, as a speciality, we harness energy from
anaerobic systems connected to wastewater treatment plants for production of biogas,
which drives a generator thereby producing large amounts of electricity and thermal
energy, which can be used in the process and provide significant cost savings, or be
sold at a special rate to power companies, also the heat can be used for heating
various areas, such as industrial plants, equipment, greenhouses, and farms.

For questions and additional information, our professional team is at your service!

Some of references:
Food industry:
Unilever, Vion Food Group, Sun Valley Foods, Campofrio, Nestle,
Cargill, Tyson Foods, Campina Melkunie, Gerbe, Charoen Pokphand,
Bell AG, Migros, Moksel, Super Pollo, San Miguel, TNUVA,
Master Foods, McCain, Smilde, Nord Sea Foods, v.d. Moortele, Meyn

Cascades S.A., Hong Kong Paper, Daehan Pulps, Kimberly Clark,
St. Regis

Albert Hartley, Rainbow Ltd., Blekerij Kortrijk, Dolwis, Binswell Ltd.,
GeTech, Argo, Landu Wasco, CPM, Wiska, Chenab, Interloop

SouthWest Water, Canal de Isabel, Essex & Suffolk Water,
Lingen, Rosario, United Utilities, Antwerpse Water Werken

Glunz A.G., Asia Motors, P.B. Tankterminal, North West Water,
Thomas Bolton Ltd., Lingen, Remo N.V., Pechiney, P.G. Bison,
Taiwan Railroad, Toyota, General Motors, Cathay Pacific,
Terminal Power Plant, Geramic Industry, Hoyer, Phillip Morris,
Glaxo Welcome, Lóreal, Avon, New York Airport