Primary treatment

Primary treatment systems

Depending on your requirements a selection of our primary treatment systems will be either the first step of your treatment or the complete solution.

Solutions :
Filter systems will remove the larger particles
Sedimentation systems will remove heavy particles
Oil & Water Separators will remove free separable oils, greases and fats
Coagulation & flocculation will create separable flocs of emulsified materials
Flotation systems will remove fine solids and created flocs


NFS – Filter systems

Nijhuis Water Technology’s NFS range of filter systems are used to separate coarse solids from your waste water.
This first stage in the waste water treatment is very important to protect the downstream equipment and piping.

Nijhuis Water Technology designs and constructs the following types of filter systems:
Bar Screens
Channel Filters, including Aquarakes and Channal Screw Filters
Curved Screens, including static and vibrating types
Rotary drum screens, Internally & Externally fed
Cloth Filter, type NDF

Depending on the type and composition and volume of your waste water the most suitable filter system will be selected.
Nijhuis Water Technology also designs and constructs tailor made filter systems to meet specific requirements.


Gravisep – Gravity separators

The Nijhuis Water Technology Gravisep gravity separation systems are designed to remove heavy solids and floating particles, like oil, sand, clay and/or starch from waste water.

Nijhuis Water Technology designs and constructs the following sedimentation equipment:
Sedimentation units
Sand Screw Conveyors
API / CPI / TPI oil-water separators
Cross Flow Separators
Counter Current Separators
PPA modules

Our engineers are used to working with high technological standards, like in the Oil & Gas industry. Our systems can easily be adjusted to meet your specific requirements.


NCF – Coagulation & Flocculation

The Nijhuis Water Technology coagulation & flocculation systems remove emulsions, dispersion and heavy metals from the waste water by addition of coagulant, flocculant or precipitant.

The following coagulation – flocculation systems are available:
Pipe Flocculator
Tank reactor
Electro coagulation
Chemical dosing equipment
Chemical make-up equipment

Depending on capacity and application Nijhuis Water Technology will select the most optimum chemical mixing, dosing and make-up regime for your application.

Optiflot – Flotation systems

Nijhuis Water Technology Optiflot Flotation systems are used to separate non dissolved materials, like oil& greases, Suspended Solids and coagulated/flocculated impurities from a water or process stream. Depending on the type of pollution to be separated this can be done by gravity, by addition of induced air or by addition of dissolved air/gas.

For each application Nijhuis Water Technology has a standard range of flotation units:
Induced Air Flotation IAF
Induced Gas Flotation IGF
Dissolved Air Flotation DAF (with and without lamella plate packs)
Dissolved Gas Flotation DGF (with and without lamella plate packs)

Besides these standard types, Nijhuis Water Technology also designs and constructs tailor made flotation systems, for instance in concrete, to meet specific requirements form our customers.